One-way Fares Price Monthly Passes Price
Alfred Route (1) $2.25 All Routes System Pass $51.00
Bath Route (3) $2.00 Alfred Route Pass $36.00
  • Bath VA to Bath (5)
  • $0.75 Bath Route Pass $36.00
    Canisteo Route (3) $2.00 Canisteo Route Pass $36.00
    Dansville/Wayland (One way) $4.50 Inner City (Includes 4 (1/2) fare Dial-A-Rides) $27.00
    Dansville/Wayland (Round Trip - Must be same day) $7.50 Work Ride within Hornell $36.00
    Inner City Route (4) $1.50 Student Semester Pass (From Hornell to Alfred or Bath) MUST present valid ID to purchase. $90.00
  • Inner City Route - Seniors (5)
  • $0.75 Student Semester Pass (From Bath or Canisteo to Alfred) MUST present valid ID to purchase. $126.00
    Student (Alfred Route only with ID - No charge for AU students to Wal-Mart Plaza) $2.00 Note: All Passes exclude Dial-A-Ride unless specified!
    Children under 5 (One per fare paying adult) Free Passes may be purchased at the office between 7AM-4PM, M-F, or by request to purchase passes on the bus. Call for availability on ALL passes!
    Children 6-10 years old (One per fare paying adult) 1/2 Fare
    Dial-A-Ride Price Ticket Pack Prices Price
    Regular Dial-A-Ride (1) (With 2 hrs notice or more $3.00) $3.75 (1) Pack of 11 One Way Tickets - Alfred Route & Dial-A-Ride $22.50
    Work Ride- Within Hornell (2) $2.25 (2) Pack of 11 One Way Tickets - Work Ride $18.75
    (3) Pack of 11 One Way Tickets - Bath & Canisteo Routes $15.00
    (4) Pack of 11 One Way Tickets - Inner City Route - Regular Fare $11.25
    (5) Pack of 11 One Way Tickets - Bath VA to Bath & Inner City Route - Seniors aged 60+ $7.50
    Times, fares and stop locations subject to change.
    Buses do not operate on legal holidays.
    All Dial-A-Rides and Work Rides are subject to availability.

    Please note the following:

    • Our bus operators are not allowed to give change. Please be sure to have exact change to pay your fare for each trip.
    • If you ride often, save money by purchasing a monthly pass. A monthly pass entitles you to unlimited ridership on any fixed routes within the month for which the pass is valid. No partial refunds for unused days will be issued.
    • Passes must be displayed each time you board and must remain in your possession for the entire trip.